Doctor Voynich and Her Children - March 06 - March 21, 2020

Uprising Theatre Company

 End Notes 

A Note from Director Ashley Hovell:


After reading Leanna's script I knew immediately that this was an important story to tell. Not only does this play center around women and women's rights, it takes a very real look at what our future might hold if things don't change. Our climate is dying. Our leaders are failing us. Human rights are being taken away from minority groups and a vast majority of us can't afford proper health care.


This show focuses on the theme of abortion and what happens when the right to choose is taken away from us. But I urge you to think about the larger picture. If the right to choose abortion is taken away from those with wombs and child bearing capabilities, what other autonomies can be taken away from us, especially those living on the margins? Who gets to decide whose life is worth more? Which voices get to be heard. I know abortion is a difficult and complex issue. But it's one that is important to talk about. Leanna does a great job in this script of showing all sides to the argument. I hope this show encourages you to have the conversation and to talk WITH each other, instead of over each other. Tell your story and listen to the story of others.


We must tell our stories. We must write them down and paint them on canvasses. We must sing our stories and set them to rhymes. The women of this story live in each of us. Find yourself in the play and think about what your story is and what you do with it.


Thank you:


To Barb Bloom, our community engagement coordinator, Brian G. Murphy for graphic design, St. Peder's Lutheran Church for rehearsal space, The Off Leash Art Box and Jennifer Ilse and Paul Herwig, and Courtney Knoll for helping with front of house. 


Thank you to our members:


Tim and Christine Hovell

Tim and Katie Leverentz

Brian Murphy

Tony Gao

Rev. Mindi Welton-Mitchell

Sarah Trimble

Bev Greene


Thank you to our donors (donors listed have given in 2020): 


Baku Campbell

Michael Novak

Daniel Wolpert and Debra Bell

Shalee Coleman

Robert Johnson

Cindi Beth Johnson

Adam Rao

Kathryn Bader

Sue Schnickel



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