The Pink Panther Strikes Again - October 28 - October 30, 2021

Urbana High School

 Who's Who 

  • Ella Allen*+ head shot

    Ella Allen*+

    as Hatchet Heidi

    Ella Allen is a senior and The Pink Panther Strikes Again will be her 8th mainstage production at UHS! You may recognize her from Happy Daze as Linda Springer, but probably not since that was like four years ago. Oh well. Spoiler alert: Clouseau dies!!! JK. She would like to thank her divorced parents Harry Styles and Taylor Swift for their constant support and impeccable fashion inspiration. Oh yeah, and her entire family!! She sends her love to them <3 Ella hopes that you enjoy the show, it’s pretty swag. “Oim ‘Arry Stoils” - Harry Styles

  • James Barrows head shot

    James Barrows

    as Drummond / Mafia / Australian Assassin / Understudy Dreyfus

    James Barrows is a sophomore and The Pink Panther strikes again will be his 2nd production at UHS, and 4th overall. His other role with UHS was Spooky Pirate from Murder in the Knife Room. YARRRRR. He would like to thank everybody in the cast for being a bigger idiot than James to make him look better in comparison. And like idk Mr. Ward was there sometimes as well. To quote Mr. Ward during the making of this show, “Once you all get the timing down on killing each other, it’s gonna be epic.”

  • Audrey Bastian* head shot

    Audrey Bastian*

    as Inmate / Bullock / American Assassin

    Audrey Bastian is a junior and The Pink Panther Strikes Again is her 4th show with UHS. She's so excited to choke someone out onstage and perform in person (finally). She'd like to thank her friends & family for their support, the cast and crew for their hard work and you for coming to see the show!

  • Jennifer Baxter head shot

    Jennifer Baxter

    as Ensemble / Swing

    Jennifer Baxter is a freshman, this is her first performance here at UHS! Jennifer is thrilled to be part of this fabulous cast and crew. She has performed at WKMS, and is excited to continue acting in high school. Jennifer would like to thank Mr. Ward for being such an amazing director, and her friends and family for being so supportive! 

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