Seussical - July 20 - July 23, 2017

Urbana Park District Youth Summer Theatre

 Director's Note 

Let me first begin by thanking you for joining us for what will be an amazing experience. Whether you are a family member, member of the community, or friend - your presence is greatly appreciated.


This summer we spoke at lengths with the cast about the idea of feeling alone and looking for your place in the world. These feelings are felt by people from all walks of life - looking for someone to see them for who they are and accept them. No place quite like the theater fulfills this need - accepting people as they are and loving them, warts and all. This is why a program such as this is a vital part of our community, a reason why I continue to work through this program to benefit the youth that I have had the absolute pleasure of encountering these past few years.


Last year, my first in this position, I spent the summer establishing a connection with the members of the program. It was a summer full of firsts and a learning experience that led me to choose the direction my life will take in the years to come. I owe a debt to this program and those within it. This year, I was lucky enough to continue building those connections while also witnessing the growth these young performers have had. This was a difficult show to cast. The amount of talent that you are about to see will blow you away- it has astonished me all summer.


Another topic we touched on was the idea of leaving a place changed. Anytime you enter a room - or theater - and put your all into something, you change that place forever. To my amazing seniors: You have been leaders. Idols for the young ones to look up to. A glimmer of light for what the future has in store. After your departure from this program, I hope you stay in contact - let us share in your journey no matter where it takes you. I hope you follow your hunch home to this program and support the generations to come. This program needs you, Thank you for giving me the chance to get to know each of you. I am incredibly proud of  you and will be sad to see you go.Please know that you have left me changed as well. I thank you.


Everyone dreams of making a difference. Whether it's protecting a small world that no one else believes exists, supporting those we care for no matter what, or trusting in your own "thinks" for the greater good - everyone wishes for a brighter tomorrow of which they aid in the creation. These kids are my brighter tomorrow; this program gives the promise of a brighter tomorrow for those involved as well as the rest of the community. Thank you once again for your support in being here, and I hope you continue to support these performers and programs like this in our community.


Finally (because I know this is getting a bit long), some parting thoughts to my cast and those who may deem the following words wise: continue to speak out and speak your mind. Find something in this world to look toward and follow your hunches. The power of the mind and the thoughts you have are what will guarantee us a brighter tomorrow. The future of our world, our community, this program are in your hands. It's a future that I am proud to help you shape until you no longer need me.


Thank you to all who have had faith in me, supported me (Mom you'll always be right), fed me and let me take as many naps as I need. Thank you to my parent volunteers - we could not have made this happen without you. Thank you to my amazing prodution team for doing what you do best to make these performers look and sound amazing. Thank you to the parents for your commitment to this program as well and trusting your children to us. And most importantly, thank you to my Cast for being my thing to look forward to. Thank you all once again for coming:I hope you all enjoy the show! "Oh the Thinks you can Think, when you Think about Suess!"


Your humble director,

Katie Odom

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