The Little Mermaid - April 20 - April 21, 2018

Valley Stream North High School


The Valley Stream North High School Drama Club is excited to celebrate another dramatic production!  This would not be possible without the wonderful support system created around these students. We would like to extend our gratitude to the following:


The District Administration for creating an environment in which the students can pursue their interests.


The Board of Education for reinforcing the importance of a well-rounded arts educational experience.


The Building Administration, teachers, and facilities staff for helping to mold a safe learning community.


The parents, students, and community for their overwhelming support.


We would also like to personally thank the following individuals, who have contributed in leadership roles:


Mr. Todd Holly for his leadership of the Tech Crew and for his mastery of the tech world resulting in an incredible audio and visual experience.


Ms. Kristen Gebhard for her guidance of the Art Club, her expertise in stagecraft and scenery design, and for visually transporting us from the cafetorium to fantasitical places.


Mr. Michael LoGrasso for stepping up and taking leadership of the Pit Orchestra, for his musicality, and for creating a delightful symphonic experience.


Ms. Nicole Dalto for his lyrical guidance and his hard work.  His dedication has helped to bring lead roles and chorus together for a harmonious musical experience.


Mr. Mike Canestraro for his choreographic contributions and for sharing a passion for dance that has helped students of all levels to grow and express themselves through movement.


Mr. Joseph Moniaci for his production-al prowess in regard to his command for creating authentic theatre.  Thanks for keeping it real.


- A. Montemarano

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