Radium Girls - November 17 - November 18, 2023

Valley Stream North High School

 Crew Who's Who 

  • Sophia Songveeratham head shot

    Sophia Songveeratham

    Stage Manager

    She is in 11th grade and has been interested in visual arts, music, and dance since she was young. She has been in drama since the 7th grade as a stage crew member and has been in the production of Cinderella. She has been a stage manager since Once on This Island, Clue, Sense and Sensibility, The Addams Family, and

    Shakespeare over the years. She can’t wait for more shows to come.

  • Sarah Dahl head shot

    Sarah Dahl

    Stage Manager

    Sarah Dahl is a Sophomore at North and is very excited to be a part of the production of Radium Girls. This is her third year as Stage Manager. She also managed Clue: On Stage, Sense and Sensibility, and Adam’s Family. She has had an amazing time working with the cast and crew over the past few months. She wishes everyone the best of luck and hopes that you enjoy the show!

  • Delaney Dusel head shot

    Delaney Dusel

    Stage Crew

  • Gabriella Perlaza head shot

    Gabriella Perlaza

    Stage Crew

  • Darwin Hinson head shot

    Darwin Hinson

    Costume Stage Manager

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