Honk! JR. - June 07 - June 16, 2019

Vero Voce Theater & School of Performing Arts

 Who's Who 

  • David Brown head shot

    David Brown

    as Drake, Farmer's Voice, Boy's Voice

    David is 10 years old and studies voice and piano at Vero Voce. He was a national gold medal winner of the Royal Conservatory of Music Development Program in voice. He is thrilled to be onstage again at Vero Voce after his performance last year as Young Karl in The Christmas Schooner! He hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Hailey Griffin head shot

    Hailey Griffin

    as The Bullfrog, Turkey

    Hailey is in 6th grade at Thompson.  This is her 3rd production with Vero Voce.  When not singing and dancing on stage, she enjoys playing viola in the school orchestra.  She also plays volleyball and tennis. She wants to thank Dennis, Dawn and the rest of the staff for helping her improve her talents.

  • Jillian Hammer head shot

    Jillian Hammer

    as Greylag, Henrietta, Froglet

    Jillian is in 4th grade at Richmond.This is her 3rd play at Vero Voce and 6th production overall. Jillian enjoys spending her time reading,singing, dancing, and playing violin. She likes to create stories and drawings to go along with them. In the time she has spent at Vero Voce she has grown immensely and really enjoys being involved in their productions.

  • Mia Demarco head shot

    Mia Demarco

    as Maureen, Snowy

    Mia Demarco is 13years old and is a 7th grader at Geneva Middle School. Honk is her 5th production here at Vero Voce. Mia enjoys learning everything there is to know about theater! She hopes you enjoy the show as much as she does!!

  • Tea Reeve head shot

    Tea Reeve

    as Ida

    Tea completed 7th grade at Geneva Middle School North.  She has enjoyed being in more than 13 plays/musicals such as such as Cinderella, Schoolhouse Rock, Sound of Music. Tea also enjoys gymnastics, playing violin and her drama friends. Thank you Vero Voce for the excellent instruction and positive feedback, bringing out our kids’ best. 

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