Mary Poppins Jr. - May 14 - May 18, 2019

Victor Point Elementary School

 8th Grade Spot Light 

  • Brandon Metzger head shot

    Brandon Metzger

    Brandon Metzger has been in drama for 2 years. Last year, he acted as the prince in Beauty and the Beast. This year he ran the sound system. It pushed him out of his comfort zone and allowed him to make friends with others. “I had to push myself but in the end it is very rewarding.” The memories he made will stick with him for the rest of his life.

  • Clayton Kuenzi head shot

    Clayton Kuenzi

    Mary Poppins is Clayton's first production and is a member of the stage crew.  "I wanted to be on stage crew because I wanted to help others and have the experience.  Putting time in to help others is very satisfying."

  • Erika Carrasco head shot

    Erika Carrasco

    This is Erika's 4th play with Victor Point Drama. Her roles have included Duffy (Annie Jr., Lefou (Beauty and the Beast) and this year she is playing Fannie Corry.  Her favorite play so far has been Beauty and the Beast. After all her experience with Drama at Victor Point, she looks forward to seeing what the high school will bring her drama wise.

  • Erin Towery head shot

    Erin Towery

    A spark ignited in Erin after she was inspired to join Victor Point Drama productions. Throughout the course of 4 years participating, Erin has developed passion, gained skill, and molded memories.  The devoted teachers spend countless time and energy to make the production a sucess. Being involved in drama experiences enabled Erin to take her talent and reach for new horizons. "From mopping floors in Annie Jr., to sweeping Chimney's in this years production (Mary Poppins), every moment will be cherished." Erin will forever remember the impact drama has had on her and eagerly awaits with joy for the productions soon to come!

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