Oliver -

Village Arts of Colorado Springs

 Musical Synopsis 

Act l  
Scene 1: The Workhouse
Food, Glorious Food  
Oliver, Workhouse children
Mr. Bumble, Widow Corney, Workhouse children
Scene 2: The Workhouse Parlour
I Shall Scream!  
Mr. Bumble, Widow Corney
Boy for Sale  
Mr. Bumble
Scene 3: The Undertaker's
That's Your Funeral  
Mr. Sowerberry, Mrs. Sowerberry, Mr. Bumble
Where Is Love?  
Scene 4: The Undertaker's
Scene 5: Paddington Green, One Week Later
Consider Yourself  
Dodger, Oliver, Captain, Handwalker, Charley Bates, Dipper, Nipper, London Chorus
Scene 6: The Thieves' Kitchen
You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two  
Fagin and Gang
It's a Fine Life  
Nancy, Bet, Gang
I'd Do Anything  
Nancy, Dodger, Oliver, Bet, Fagin, Gang
Be Back Soon  
Fagin, Gang
Scene 7: The Street
Act II  
Scene 1: The "Three Cripples"
Nancy, London Chorus
My Name  
As Long As He Needs Me  
Scene 2: Mr. Brownlow's House
Where is Love? Reprise  
Mrs. Bedwin
Who Will Buy  
Rose Seller, Milkmaid, Strawberry Seller, Knife-Grinder, London Chorus, Oliver
Scene 3: The Thieves' Kitchen
It's A Fine Life Reprise  
Nancy, Sikes, Fagin, Dodger

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