Chicago - High School Edition - March 14 - March 16, 2019

Vineland High School


Ezriela, you are a very dedicated person. You always love what you do and you do it with great quality.  We are very proud of you. - Love Mami and Papi

We are so proud of your accomplishments. There is so much ahead for you. Keep reaching for your dreams. We love you! – Beba and J.P.

Proud of all you’ve done Ezi. Stay focused and keep doing great things. - Love Yadid and Jaylen


"Best of luck Sydney" Love Grams

"Finally!! Best of Luck Sydney, we love you!" - Mom and Dad

"Sorry we can't make it but we are so proud of you Sydney!" - DJ and Tori

"Break a leg Syd!" - Grandma and Grandpa Curcio

"Break a leg Sydney" Love Grandpop and Nana

"Sydney you're awesome!" - Douglas Arthur Salon

"Sydney, Marissa, Emily, Julianna, Ezi- break legs and have fun!" -Miss Thies

"Best of luck Syd! Love ya!" - Aunt Lisa and Uncle John

"Good Luck Syd! Whoopee!"  - Johnny and Rachel

"Good Luck Syd!"- Aaron and Hannah

"Go get 'em Syd!" - Jake

"Best of luck Sydney!" - Carli and Al

"Knock 'ern dead Syd!!" - Abagail

"Good luck Sydney! Love you bestie!!” – Darlene


You are my princess! May GOD continue to bless and guide you. Love, Mommy

You are and will always be my star and my Kiki. Love, Daddy.

Break a leg little sis! You’ll always be my Lola, Esteban

You are the real deal,  little sis. Love, Cesar

You are a talented young lady, I’m proud! Love, aunt Lisa

Never doubt yourself, you are a natural star. GBY! Love, Grandma Chabela

May God continue to bless your talent! Tia Mera

You are beautiful and talented! Love,  Grandma Teresa

Alondra, we love you and miss you. From Your cousins in LI

You are smart, talented and beautiful, Keep smiling with your head up. Love, Grandpa


“So proud of you, Dylan!  My nephew is smart, handsome and a loving person.” – Tita Laine

Really proud of you, bubby. Glad you’re in this new experience. Good luck, Dyl! – Warren

“Dylan, we are so excited to see you perform. We are so proud of you. We love you!” – Mom and Dad

“Dylan, we are so proud of the amazing young man you have become. We love you.” – Lola Citas and Nana Terri

Dylan, “Break a leg” – Love Tito Jonjie Baniel

“Dylan, I am so proud of you, you’ve grown to be decent & smart. Good luck.” – Tita Nenet

Good luck Dylan. Keep up the good work – Tita Rone Eisma

“We are so proud of you, Dylan. Break a leg!” – Love Garcillano Family & Tita Lucille Reyes

“It’s just the beginning Dylan! Break a leg” – Tita Nadine, Lola Dorie, Nico

“It’s your time to shine, we are very proud of you” – Love Tita Myra, Emelie and Ginalyn


Amanda Fiocchi: BAL Amanda!  - Jill

Amanda Fiocchi: Good luck girl! - Lori

Amanda Fiocchi: Best of luck! - Jocelyn

Amanda Fiocchi: So proud! I love you - Stephen

Amanda Fiocchi: Have fun! - Jackie

Amanda Fiocchi: Break some legs! - Dan

Amanda Fiocchi: We're so proud of & excited for you! Break a leg! Love Mom n Dad

Amanda Fiocchi: Ur a wizard Harry - Justin

Cap ‘n’ Dagger forever brotha's!!! - Jenn

Amanda Fiocchi: You're gonna be yeeted by this play <3 – Kami


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