The Virtual New Play Reading Festival - January 30

Virtual New Play Reading Festival


This festival would not have happened without the talent and commitment of so many devoted artists, so this is a huge thank you to their participation in this event!


-To Meaghan McKiernan, thank you a thousand times for jumping on to this project just two weeks prior to the event! Your communication, insight, and contribution to stage management exceeded my expectations. May we work together again soon!


-To Kailey Edwards, thank you for all of your help and guidance with the playbill and social media posts! I always appreciate your willningness to work hard at what you are most passionate about. Keep doing your thing!


-To Cathy Ritter, thank you so very much for bringing your unique gifts with music to this festival! I was so thrilled when you offered to compose for the event. I always love collaborating and working with you, so I am sure this will not be the last.


-To PJ Moran, you have stayed with me since the very first play reading last year. Thank you all the way around for bringing your creative mind to every single event we have worked on together! I can always to count on you to spin new ideas in any role you are in. Here's to the next one, whatever that will be!


-To Dane McMichael, I am still looking forward to working with you on a closer level and I have a feeling that time is coming soon! Thank you for your beautifully crafted, virtual piece of art!


-To Mackenzie Moyer, I am so excited to see you in the role of director again! I am just waiting for the day I have the privilege to be under your direction. Thank you for being exceptional at everything piece of art you touch!


-To Megan Dean, it seems we have been able to conquer both high school and college together. Although our education experiences will be ending shortly, I have no doubt we will be able to cross paths and collaborate on bigger stages and venues. I admire you as an artist in every form you take on, so thank you for your contribution to this festival!


-To Halie Kendra Smith, we make quite the dynamic duo and it is always a treat to work with in so many different titles. You are such a versatile artist and I look forward to the many more projects we will work on!


-To Kellan McMichael, I am so glad you are apart of this fesitval as a playwright. I know how passionate you have always been about writing, and I am just thankful I was able to give you this platform to showcase your work. Thank you for your talent and friendship!


-To Matt Fulton, it was a pleasure meeting you and being able to include your piece in this festival! Thank you for using your talents to tell those true stories people leave out of the books. Shouout to Brittany Onukwugha for connecting us!


-To Hunter Smith, I am very glad you were able to be a director in this festival and I have a feeling we will work together in person one day. Thank you for your passion for telling stories from behind the scenes!



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