Disney's Beauty and the Beast - August 27 - September 12, 2021

Vivre Theatre

   Director's Note  

Since spring of last year, our theaters have sat darkened while actors and technicians have languished waiting for the last vestiges of civilized life to return – live theatre.  Now, here we are, one of the first community theatres in the area to resurrect live performances!  We eagerly await the moment we get to perform for you, our audience, reinvigorating and restoring us to our former glory.  Sound familiar?


Not unlike the Beast and our enchanted characters, theatre has languished for nearly two years yearning for “those good old days when we were useful” needing “a chance to use our skills.”  The parallels between this musical and the theatre industry can’t go unnoticed.  Actors, technicians, and production personnel have been languishing, desperately needing an audience to “wait upon.”  Now, here you are and “oops-a-daisy…it’s a guest!”


To say we are excited to have you, our guest, in the house tonight is an understatement.  Our talented technicians, actors, and producers have worked tirelessly to bring this Disney classic to life for you this evening.  They’ve happily endured the grueling rehearsal process, Covid protocols, and the need to juggle families and occupations for the opportunity to resuscitate the life they once knew.  Ironically, Vivre had planned to do this musical long before Covid, but we can’t deny the commonalities shared between our characters and ourselves. 


“It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight.  And now we invite you to relax,” sit back in your seat as the company “proudly presents your” production of Beauty and the Beast


Be our guest!


Susie Allmendinger





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