Student Directed One Act Festival - December 06 - December 08, 2019

Walnut Hills High School


Crew Members  
Director- Alice  
Sophia Rooksberry  
Director- Superheroes  
Peter Godsey  
Director- Terminal Lucidity  
Bettina Ernst  
Director- Actor's Nightmare  
Talia Raider-Roth  
Festival Production Stage Manager / Master Electrician  
Olive Leonardi  
Stage Manager-Alice  
Lucia Johns  
Stage Manager- Superheroes / Sound Designer for Superheroes, Terminal Lucidity, and Actor's Nightmare  
Chloe Burwinkel  
Stage Manager- Terminal Lucidity  
Grace Allen  
Stage Manager- Actor's Nightmare / Set Designer for Alice  
Hannah Wardlow  
Costume Designer- Alice  
Kathryn Daniher  
Costume Designer- Superheroes and Terminal Lucidity  
Matthew Eggers  
Costume Designer- Actor's Nightmare  
Sena Segbefia  
Costume Crew (Junior High)  
Nina Latto and Norah Miller
Festival Assistant Stage Managers  
JP Oberst and Reagan Warvel
Festival Deck Crew  
Keziah Wilkins  
Festival Hair and Makeup Designer  
Grayce Theirauf  
Festival Hair and Makeup Crew  
Lexi Adams and Maya Thomas
Festival Props Manager  
Kennedy Nadermann  
Festival Props Assistant  
Gabbi Phillips  
Festival Props Crew  
Alex Limoco and Aaron Tossey
House Manager  
Clare Brennan  
Lighting Designer- Alice and Superheroes  
Aiden Litmer  
Lighting Designer- Terminal Lucidity and Actor's Nightmare  
Iris LeCates  
Marketing and Publicity Head  
Piper Johnson  
Master Carpenter  
Heather Cochran  

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