Anastasia the Musical - November 18 - November 20, 2021

Washington Community High School

 Directors' Comments 

Anastasia: The Musical brings together history, theatre, and nostalgia. Our students recognized the music of this show from their own childhoods, and many of us found ourselves curious about the history of the Romanovs and early 20th century Russia. The best theatre opportunities keep us learning, questioning, and investigating; Anastasia: The Musical provides the inspiration.


We are overjoyed to return to live theatre and live audiences again. It is an honor to bring musical productions back to the Washington community.  The world continues to change in response to COVID-19, but the diligent, continuous hard and detailed work of the students and staff remains consistent. 


Countless hours go into creating a production, and we are fortunate to have the time, talent and commitment of resources that encourages our students to thrive.  Our students excel because of their dedication and because of the work of so many behind the scenes.  We appreciate the commitment of the WCHS Board of Education, administration, staff, and students.  It is truly a combined effort to present a work of this scale and detail.  We dedicate our performances to our audiences, with the hope that they will both appreciate the work and time that go into producing the show, and recognize the commitment that is present in every aspect of the performance. 


Thank you for your support of the students at WCHS. 




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