Bad Medicine - October 15 - October 24, 2021

Way Off Broadway Community Players


Cast Members  
Carl Goodall  
Christopher Cannata  
Becky Trueheart  
Avery Cline  
Bodkin Shamley  
Micheal Paddock  
Sally West  
Carol Beth Anderson  
Gene Ranger  
Vircell Dayap  
Lacy McKinney  
Kat Hale  
Charlie Hamby  
Billy Cagle  
Hickory Pickett  
Matthew Watkin  
Maxiene Forman  
Mindy Rast-Keenan  
Rev. Donna Prather  
Randi West  
STORY: In the sleepy little cattle town of Bagwell, Colorado, childhood sweethearts Sheriff Gene Ranger and Nurse Becky Trueheart are on the fast-track for marriage when evil darkens their doorstep. Beautiful con-artist, Sally West, is found unconscious and feigns amnesia. Her secret ally, snake oil salesman and self-proclaimed healer, Bodkin Shamley, appears. He discredits the town doctor and surreptitiously takes over with the goal of wooing Becky for her inherited cattle land. The villainous pair secretly introduce a concoction of love potion and all the wrong people start falling head-over-heels for each other. There is only one hope for Gene, Becky, and all of Bagwell…true love. Funny family show.
PRODUCTION HISTORY: Gillette Community Theatre- 2018, McKinney Repertory Theatre- 2016, Theatre Suburbia-2014

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