The Lion King Jr - November 16 - November 17, 2018

Wayne Highlands Middle School

 Who's Who in the Cast 

  • Seth E. Buckwalter head shot

    Seth E. Buckwalter

    as Rafiki

    Seth is in 7th grade and has starred in The Wanderer (Hotel Keeper) and Guys and Dolls (Nicely Nicely Johnson).  He is involved in many school activities and enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Brodie Cole head shot

    Brodie Cole

    as Mufasa

    Brodie is in 8th grade and is actively involved in his school and community as a library volunteer.  He also enjoys playing guitar and being involved in boy scouts.  This is Brodie's first performance.

  • Angelica Dyer head shot

    Angelica Dyer

    as Sarabi

    Angelica is in 8th grade and loves musical theatre.  She began her acting career in Guys and Dolls.  She is involved in softball, chorus, girls ensemble, and band.

  • Erin Meagher head shot

    Erin Meagher

    as Zazu

    Erin is in 6th grade and is new to our stage.  This is her first performance in Disney's The Lion King.  She is involved in soccer, basketball, voice lessons, and is an altar server at her church.

  • Rochelle Keast head shot

    Rochelle Keast

    as Scar

    Rochelle is in 8th grade and has starred in many musicals including School House Rock Live (Shulie), The Little Mermaid, R&H Cinderella, and Guys and Dolls (Miss Adelaide).  She is involved in basketball, reading competition, band, chorus, girls ensemble, and dance.

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