South Pacific - October 12 - October 20, 2018

Webster Theatre Guild


WTG Stage Crew, WTG Ticket Staff, WTG Ushers
Carmen Gumina, Superintendent, Webster Central PTSA
Webster Thomas High School

Glenn Widor, Principal & Karen Nugent
Webster Thomas Custodial Staff
Michael Roller, Webster Thomas Music Department, Brenda Nitsch,

Jennifer Freeberg, Eric Piazza,

Paul Vanhorn, Mark Stoetzel

Webster Schroeder High School, Laura D’Angelo
Webster Spry Middle School

Bishop Kearney High School
John Myers & Myers Creative Imaging

Patti Olender, Bill & Nancy Martin

Diane Spacher & The School of the Arts

Lisa Fisher & Pittsford Musicals

Nazareth College, Blackfriar’s Theatre, JCC and NAC

Kristen Cappiello & Greece Odyssey High School
Eastridge High School, Irondequoit High School,

Williamson High School, West Side Theatre

Jim Pringle's Parents, Allen Wright Shannon, Michelle Piure, 

Bob Cushman, Apple Country Spirits, Collin McConville,

Amy McConville and Jason Ford Webster Herald, Empire State Weeklies,
CMI Communications, Applied Audio


Special Thanks to Patricia Obbie 



Ron Bowks 



Thank you for filling our lives with music.




~ Board of Directors ~


    Jim Pringle, President               Elissa Burke, Vice President

Annie Corriveau, Secretary             Brian Gutman, Treasurer


George Barberi, Josh Burke, Erica Davis, 

Anthony Jagla, Scott Shutts, Paula Steffen, Mark Stoetzel


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