The Pajama Game - February 22 - February 24, 2018

West Chester East High School


Thank you to the many volunteers who contributed to the success of this year's production of "The Pajama Game"!

Special Thanks to the following for their generous donations to East Theater Company:


Insulation Products, LLC

Pepper Mill

The Donohue Family

The Comer Family

The McNulty Family

Patton Construction

Mauger Energy

Jackson Certified Public Accountants

Maggie Moo's

The Hartz Family


Set Design & Construction

*Lou Janik, Tom Brady, Sharon Brady, Zach Mauger, John McNulty, Jane Connor, Brigid McNulty, Mark Luksic, James Shafer, Cat Brady

Set Painting

*Kim Knipe, Harvey Knipe, The Brady Family, Nikita Akula

Saturday Rehearsal Snacks & Lunches

*MaryBeth Janik, Cathy Delaney, Rob Carroll, Jenn Scarborough, Susan Little, Jane Connor, Kristen DeVito, Sharon Brady, Suzanne Jackson, Chris Bensen

Cast Dinner

*MaryBeth Janik, Chris Benson, Kim Barch, Suzanne Jackson, Sharon Brady, Tori Brady, Nikita Akula, Judy Ipock


*Jen Hardie, Cathy Delaney, Suzie Hutchinson, Theresa Benson, Yonghui Jin, Lydia Panulas-Zelinsky, Melinda Ford

Flowers & Candy Grams

*Kathy Barbour, *Jen Hardie, Suzie Hutchinson

Backstage Managing

*Kim Knipe, Keith Boggess, Erin Fisher

Ticket Sales

*Maria Fordyce, Suzy Hartz, Kim Barch, Mary Jo Kalinowski, Jennifer LoGiurato, Rob Carroll, Lydia Panulas-Zelinsky, Tom Brady, Julia Virta 

House Manager

*Maria Fordyce, Kim Knipe, Keith Boggess, Sharon Brady

Costumes & Props

*Taffy Curtain, Cathy Delaney, Janet Shafer, Jenn Scarborough, Jodi Donohue

Student Bios & Lobby Decorations

 *Kim Mauger


  *Kim Mauger, Ben Sheetz, Kathy Barbour,  John McNulty


* Lydia Panulas-Zelinsky, Trish Bradley, Mira Herman, Abby Hower


*Cat Brady, Sharon Brady, Kendra Werner

Logo Design by Madelyne Maychak


*denotes coordinator


Thank you to all the families who donated items for concession sales and for rehearsals!

Thank you ushers!

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