Shrek The Musical - March 21 - March 29, 2024

West High Theatre Dept

 Who's Who 

  • Jeremy Born head shot

    Jeremy Born

    as Shrek

    Jeremy Born is honored to be playing Shrek. He is a junior and this is his third year in play production. Jeremy has loved being in this department the past three years, performing in shows like Chicago, Spelling Bee, and Legally Blonde. He would also like to thank all of his family and friends for supporting him on this journey. Thanks mama O. Jeremy is so excited for you to see Shrek the Musical!

  • Joelle Lewis head shot

    Joelle Lewis

    as Adult Fiona

    Joelle (Joey) Lewis is a junior at West High and is in her third year in Play Production. Her recent credits include Changing Keys (Reagan), Legally Blonde (Pilar, Elle u/s), Spelling Bee (pit singer), Chicago (Mama Morton), and Puffs (Ghost History Teach, Death Buddie). She’s very touched for the opportunity to bring a 10 year journey into full circle as young Fiona was her first onstage role! She would like to thank the West High Theatre staff for everything they have done and she hopes you enjoy the show! 

  • Antonio Olivares head shot

    Antonio Olivares

    as Donkey

    Antonio is an 11th grader at West High School. This is his 2nd year in play production and his 3rd year in the theater department. He has been in Rumpelstiltskin, Private eye, Radio play disaster, and Changing Keys as a member of “DETOUR!” He is so excited and grateful to perform in Shrek as Donkey! This is his first major role and cannot wait to perform for everyone!

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