Chicago - High School Edition - January 10 - January 19, 2020

West Warwick High School Players


  • Olivia Lancellotta head shot

    Olivia Lancellotta

    as Velma Kelly

    OLIVIA is a senior & has been seen in Beauty & The Beast(Belle),High School Musical(Sharpay),Fiddler On The Roof(Chava),9 to 5 (Margaret), Annie (Pepper),Newsies(Seitz),The Sound of Music(Marta),Bring it On(Dance CAPT),Catch Me If You Can(Dance CAPT)& Shrek(Dance CAPT). She thanks her family & friends for their support & hopes you enjoy her last show as a WWHS player!

  • Alessandra Iannucci head shot

    Alessandra Iannucci

    as Roxie Hart

    ALESSANDRA is a junior and has been seen in High School Musical (Gabriella), Bring It On (Brooklyn), Newsies (Scab), 9 to 5 (Dancer), Shrek the Musical (Elf), The Little Mermaid (Flotsam), and Beauty & the Beast (Silly Girl). She is involved in Music Pathways, Tri-M & Thespian Honors Society, & Chorale. She thanks her friends & family for their encouragement.

  • Jacob DiMeglio head shot

    Jacob DiMeglio

    as Billy Flynn

    JACOB is a junior and has been seen in Fiddler on the Roof(Tevye), Beauty & the Beast(Gaston), The Little Mermaid(Eric), Skrek: The Musical (Big Bad Wolf), 9 to 5 (Dwayne). He is involved in Tri-M, Chroale, and is the Vice President of the Drama Club. Jacob would love to thank his mom for everything she’s done for him even if she can’t be here all the time.

  • Kyra Cruz head shot

    Kyra Cruz

    as Matron "Mama" Morton

    KYRA is a senior and has been seen in 9 to 5, Shrek: The Musical, and WWHS annual cabarets. She is also involved in Honors Concert Chorale, the Tri-M Music Honor Society, and the Thespian Honor Society. She would like to thank everyone who has ever supported her on her journey and appreciates every second she spends on the stage.

  • G. Calcagni head shot

    G. Calcagni

    as Mary Sunshine

    CALCAGNI is a senior this year playing the role of MARY SUNSHINE. This is their fourth and last production at WWHS. They were previously in Catch Me if You Can, Shrek the Musical, and 9 to 5.

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