William's Window - March 10 - March 12, 2022

Wilbur Wright Middle School

 Who's Who 

  • Iris Li

    Iris Li recently joined WWTC and hopes to  perform her best. She has played the roles Madison from Cheaters and she is currently playing the role Hermia and Lucentio from William’s Window: An Introduction to Shakespeare’s Plays for Young People. Iris looks forward to being in future productions!

  • Lorelle Pediangco

    Lorelle has just joined theatre as a technician. William’s Window is her first time working behind the scenes. She feels a little nervous, but with the help of others, she’s definitely feeling better. She hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Bella LaPorte head shot

    Bella LaPorte

    Bella LaPorte is a sixth-grade student. she has been in theatre since she was eight. she was in the fall production Cheaters and she has been in a Christian Youth Theatre program where she was in plays such as Once on this Island and Alice in Wonderland. she is so excited to work with our ensemble to bring to you a beautiful production!

  • Maya North

    Portraying multiple roles in William’s Window, this is Maya North’s third year with WWTC. In 6th grade, she participated in the Improv Show and as an ensemble in Get Bill Shakespeare Off the Stage. Last year she was in the fall show Meet the Roommates and spring show Ten Best/Worst Things About Middle School, as well as in the 2021 contest show.

  • Marija Pavlic head shot

    Marija Pavlic

    This is Marija's 5th show with WWTC and is excited to move onto high school and begin doing theater in high school.

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