Crazy Town - February 22 - February 24, 2018

Wilbur Wright Theatre Company

 End Notes 

WWTC Raises Stature This Spring, Next Year!


In 2016, the Munster Theatre Company rechartered its troupe of the International Thespian Society, the honor society for high school theatre.  Since that time, numerous MTC students have competed in various acting, technical, and film events, both in groups and individuals.  A number of those students have qualified at the state level to compete at the International Thespian Festival, held each summer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  


The Educational Theatre Association, the parent organization of the International Thespian Society, also sponsors the International Junior Thespian Society for middle school theatre programs.  Some of the most successful high school theatre programs have middle school programs that are robust and have Junior Thespian Troupes.  


This spring, the Wilbur Wright Theatre Company will charter the Junior Thespian Society.  They will hold a joint induction ceremony with the high school troupe when they hold their annual induction ceremony.  And beginning next year, WWTC will begin competing in the Indiana Thespians Regional Play competition, putting their talents up against other middle and high school programs (including MTC!) for the chance to compete with that show at the state conference in January!


In addition to the play competition, middle school participants will also be able to participate in individual acting and technical events and gain valuable feedback on the progress of their skills as Thespians.  This will prepare them to better tackle roles both in the middle school productions as well shows they are in when they get to high school. 


Additionally, these experiences will give an advantage to our students who choose to pursue theatre (in all of its many forms) after high school.  At this year's state conference, over $500,000 in college scholarship offers were made.  Nearly $30,000 of those offers went to MTC Junior Kelly Collins!


Both WWTC and MTC value the real-world skills of communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration that theatre provides.  Both organizations are working together to prepare not just the next generation of theatre artists, but the next generation of citizens.


Thank you for your support of these young people!


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