Life With Mother Superior - March 09 - March 11, 2023

Wilbur Wright Theatre Company

 Who's Who 

  • Mathilde Kirk head shot

    Mathilde Kirk

    as Miss Connelly

    Mathilde Kirk has been doing theatre at Wilbur Wright since 6th grade. She has played roles such as Blue Indigo in Hero Zero, Ashley in Cheaters, and Titania in William's Window. Earlier this year Mathilde played betty in Afflicted, which won best ensemble at the Hobart Regional. She is very excited to perform in her last middle school production.

  • Zoe Zemaitis head shot

    Zoe Zemaitis

    as Gymnasium Girl 1

    Zoe has been in two other productions, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Alice in Wonderland. She is in grade 6 at WWMS, and outside of productions she in is in Art Club and Book Club, along with that she is in WWMS Choir. She enjoys talking to her friends, coloring, reading, and sketching outfit ideas.

  • Kennedy Schmitt head shot

    Kennedy Schmitt

    as Gymnasium Girl 2

    Kennedy Schmitt is a 7th grade actress who is relatively new to theater. She has previous experience in improv and several grade school plays, and enjoys using the limited information she has about her character, Gym Girl 2, to make a complicated person.

  • Aurora Vargas head shot

    Aurora Vargas

    as Gymnasium Girl 3/Roger

    Aurora Vargas is in the seventh grade and in the fall of 2022, has performed in Afflicted: The Daughters of Salem, portraying the character Mercy Lewis. She enjoys playing the guitar in her spare time, along with analyzing music and film. She looks forward to more opportunities within the Wilbur Wright Theater Company in the future.

  • Everly Chamberlain head shot

    Everly Chamberlain

    as Mother Superior (3/8 and 3/10 performances)

    Everly has loved theatre ever since she was in kindergarten. She was in many elementary school plays, including The Little Red Hen, The Three Nanny Goats Gruff, and The Science of Stuff. She is thrilled to be cast as Mother Superior in her first production with WWTC and is determined to prove how superior she can be.

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