The Lion King Jr - March 15 - March 17, 2023

Wilson Middle School

 End Notes 

From the Directors:


To our patrons, we hope you enjoy the show! This is a labor of love and it's all for you! Your support and love is what we seek. There's no show without someone to share it with.

Thank you to our entire team! There is no way this show could happen without each and every one of you. Thank you Old Globe Theatre for all your support with Drama Club and training our Theatre Tech. Thank you for Ms. Rachel... I LOVE HER! Thank you for sending Ms. Tara to Ms. Calimlim. The puppets are just beautiful! Thank you for sharing Ms. Hannah and making me cry with her beautiful lighting design. Thank you VAPA Foundation for providing Mrs. Trevino. She practically reads my mind and knows exactly what is needed. I am so honored to have her back stage working with our kids. Thank you SDSU for sending Mr. Amaro! He is rocking the sound for this show.

To our Wilson MS staff, I cannot thank you enough for supporting our students in their love of performing and creating. It takes a village and a village we are. I promised that seeing these kids perform would completely change how you see some of them. Am I right? They are like the Broadway stars of El Cajon Blvd! Let's call them... "Boulevard Stars!" Welcome to Mrs. Duvall. Your unwavering support has made this show the best yet! Thank you!

Families, thank you for allowing your children space to love theatre and music. I found my passion in the arts and they are finding it here too. It starts with you.

Thank you to all of my students in Period 4 Tiger Choir. You have grown so much this year as we have brought this show to the stage. When we started the process back in August and saw Broadway's "Lion King" in September, I was excited to see how this year would transpire. From learning the music, to auditions, to choreography rehearsals, to blocking rehearsals after school, to Saturday School work days (some in the rain), and finally on the stage. I am so proud of each and every one of you. Putting on a musical takes intense focus and dedication, and you all rose to the occasion. Thank you for making this "come-back" show one to remember! Break Legs!!!

Ms. Calimlim... welcome to the theatre! I am so grateful for you. You are handling working with an indecisive director with grace. I LOVE working with you. You get me. My favorite memory of this process was Hot-Glue-Karaoke Day. Yup!

-Love, Mrs. Richardson


-to audience members. Your presence tonight makes this all the more exciting; I hope you enjoy the show! 
-to my partner, family, friends, and community organizations (previously mentioned) for any and all support that was given throughout this process. Your time, donations, suggestions, & help really contributed to this shows success. 
-to Wilson Staff. Thank you for all you do for the students daily, and your patience with and encouragement of students who are learning through the arts. 
-My Period 4 Theatre Art Class. Thank you for learning with me. Thank you for your patience with me.  As I have said before, a lot of what we did, especially the headpieces and puppets, I also just learned as we went. Your creativity and skill truly shined through all these beautiful and functional pieces. I am beyond proud of the work you did for this show. Please keep being amazing. 

-to Mrs. Richardson, thank you for bringing me on to this theatre team. For truly making sure that I felt this was OUR show, the students' show, and involving me & my class from the start. You are a wonderful teacher, who really sees and brings out a different side of the students. Looking forward to the next show!
-To Virgil. The Lion King Broadway, the ARTS, & community will always remind me of you. Thank you. 
With Love & More Gratitude ,
Ms. Calimlim 

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