The Lion King Jr - March 15 - March 17, 2023

Wilson Middle School

 Who's Who 

  • Abigaelle Simon head shot

    Abigaelle Simon

    as Rafiki

    Abigaelle (8th) plays Viola, Piano, and drums. She played Tamatoa in "Moana Jr." at Wilson MS. She performed in the SDUSD Honor choir in '22 and '23. She likes to read, play video games, play sports, and learn new things. Abigaelle would like to thank her teachers, friends, and family for supporting her. She also hopes you enjoy Lion King Jr.

  • Aaron Escamilla head shot

    Aaron Escamilla

    as Mufasa

    Aaron (8th) starred in "Moana Jr" as Maui and participated in the SDUSD Tenor-Bass Honor Choir '23 as the only middle school student in the choir. He also enjoys playing his piano, which he has played for about a year. He loves learning and trying new things. Aaron dedicates this show to his friends and family.

  • Sofia Balderas SanJuan head shot

    Sofia Balderas SanJuan

    as Sarabi

    Sofia (7th) played Moana in "Moana Jr." at Wilson MS. She played clarinet for three year's and now plays bass clairnet in band. Sofia would love to dedicate this performance to her family and friends, especially good friend Aaron Escamilla because he has always been there for her.

  • Marelyn Calero head shot

    Marelyn Calero

    as Zazu

    Marelyn (8th) has played Gramma Tala in "Moana Jr" and multiple roles in "So Much Ado!". She has studied drums and guitar, and she loves to sing, draw, play video games, and dance. Marelyn would like to dedicate this performance to her family, and to thank Mrs. Richardson for supporting her love of musical theatre and her aspirations to study theatre in the future.

  • Danity Valentine head shot

    Danity Valentine

    as Scar

    Danity (8th) is performing in her first musical! She played Tenor Sax and Cello. She performed in the SDUSD Honor Choir. She likes to read, sing, or play video games. Danity is dedicating this performance to her Mommy , Daddy, brother, sister, and Abuela. 

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