This Girl Laughs, This Girl Cries, This Girl Does Nothing - September 16 - September 18, 2023

Wylie ISD

 End Notes 



Our play opens:


"Once upon a time, a girl was born.

And twice upon a time, a girl was born.

And thrice upon a time, a girl was born."


Our storytellers then send us on a remarkable journey as each girl discovers the world and her own place in it.


The play alerts us that we are all born of flesh and that life is made up of struggles and aspirations.


These are mirrored as we share in the adventures as one of the sisters walks the globe to find her purpose, one searches for adventure, and the third grows where she is planted.



At the end of the play we are reminded that after the journey-"I am Albienne. Carmen. And also, Beatrix."


We are the mother and wife.


We are the big-hearted baker.


We are the brave explorer.


All three in one.


It is an amazing thing to know that our decisions, actions and reactions make us the person we are.  That we have the ability to choose how life's twists and turns effect us and who we are. Also, that there is more than one correct way to acheive a life worth living.


Thank you for listening to our story!


Chris Shoemake

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