13 - July 11 - July 21, 2019

Young Actors' Theatre





13 The Musical is far from a typical youth theatre show. At first glance it is a bright, pop, musical comedy. But some where along the way the show becomes about the reality of any teenager (wether they are a jock, a cheerleader, a geek, a loaner or the most popular kid in school) navigates the world of family, school, friendships, first kisses, football games, hormones and heartbreak all while learning to walk the line between the childhood they are about to leave behind and the adult world they are about to enter. These characters are put through real life heart wrenching issues like divorce, sexual pressure, physical disability, bullying and feeling totally isolated, and that much we can all understand when we are 13, 30 or 103 years old. On behalf of our cast, crew and production team, we want to thank all the selfless parent volunteers who have put in so much time and talent in to making this show come alive. And a special thank you to all of you for coming to support these young people in the arts! This would not be possible without you.



Marisa Musgrove

13! the Musical Director

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