Anastasia: The Musical - July 11 - July 21, 2024

Young Actors' Theatre

 A note from the director 

The mystery of the Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov of Russia has fascinated the world for decades. The young princess was rumored to have been the only royal to escape and survive the execution of the Russian Imperial family. This telling of the legend begins many years later, when we meet a young woman named Anya with no home, no family and, due to trauma from an accident, no memories of her own childhood. What she does have is the hope of finding some trace of her past, and the help of a dashing con man and a lovable ex-aristocrat who wish to cash in on her resemblance to the lost princess Anastasia. This captivating show transports us from the imperial heyday of the Russian Empire to the glamour of Paris in the 1920s, and It has been my pleasure to direct this cast and crew on this journey.
A few special Thank Yous: To the cast and crew - It has been my honor to work alongside such an incredibly talented and hard working group of artists! On behalf of our production team (Brice, Kim, Vivian and Daisy) we want to thank you for all the heart and talent you have poured into this production. We are very fortunate to have such a talented and willing team of parent volunteers working countless hours to help make this show run smoothly. Thank you all for everything you do to make the show come to life! And finally, thank you to all of you in the audience for being here and supporting Young Actors' Theatre. We certainly could not do this without you!
- Marisa Musgrove

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