The House at Pooh Corner - October 09 - October 13, 2019

Zachary High School

 Who's Who 

  • Willow Hoffpauir head shot

    Willow Hoffpauir

    as Eeyore

    Freshman Willow Hoffpauir has been an active member of drama for two years and previously appeared in Rumplestiltskin. Willow plans to study psychology and science in college. She enjoys art, literature, and playing the ukelele. Willow thanks her mother for her constant support. 

  • Arianna Fields head shot

    Arianna Fields

    as Late

    Arianna is a ninth-grader with five years of theatre experience. Her previous shows include Rumplestilskin, The Black Box, and My Very Own Story. She also enjoys dance and church. One of her unusual talents is hyperextending her legs. Her hero is her mom.

  • Hailey Gleason head shot

    Hailey Gleason

    as Late

    Previously seen in High School Musical, Hailey Gleason has two years of theatre experience. She juggles softball and sketching while maintaining a stellar 4.0 GPA. In the future, she hopes to become an architect or pursue a career in the arts. 

  • Rebeca Gouvea head shot

    Rebeca Gouvea

    as Piglet

    This is freshman Rebeca Gouvea's first year in drama. She enjoys playing soccer in her spare time. After graduation, Rebeca plans to further her education with a college degree. She aspires to attain the same level of success as her role model, River Phoenix, as she continues her acting career.

  • Amaya Harris head shot

    Amaya Harris

    as Kanga

    Junior Amaya Harris has one year of theatre experience. She previously starred in Charlotte's Web and was part of the tech crew for Guys and Dolls. Amaya's most memorable moment in theatre is hearing children's laughter from backstage. In the future, she would like to study law at LSU. Amaya thanks her family for always believing in her.

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