Godspell - March 16 - March 19, 2016

--Wells High School

 End Notes 

 Notes from the Artistic Director


John-Michael Tebelak was the writer and director of Godspell.  In 1971, while he was attending Carnegie-Mellon Institute, his masters' assignment was to present a thesis based on the premise if an historical character were to come back today, how would his ideas or teachings be viewed.  Godspell was such a success that Stephen Schwartz was brought in to write the musical score.  It was performed Off Broadway, later made into a motion picture, and then ran on Broadway for ten years.  Sadly, Mr. Tebelak died from a heart attack in 1985 at age 36.


It has been my privilege to work with Wells High School's cast and crew of Godspell.  Although it appears religious in nature and loosely follows the story of Jesus from the Gospels, it really is about a group of individuals gradually coming together to form a community behind a common cause.  Regardless of your personal faith, the idea of rallying together behind a cause greater than yourself is something to be admired.  This talented and dedicated cast and crew has worked at break-neck speed and rallied around each other to ensure the best possible show was staged.





Notes from the Producer


If I have learned nothing else from this seat the last two years, it's that it takes an enormous amount of effort and coordination to put on a production of this magnitude.  This year I have been fortunate to be part of a team consisting of six other adults and a group of remarkably talented high school students.  The process began last October when it was decided that we would stage Godspell as the 2016 Spring Musical and its production rights were subsequently secured.  Lots of planning happened between that day and the January 20th auditions.


Having to deal with a less than ideal location for the production and the rehearsals leading up to opening night, I applaud the understanding of our students as well as the staff, faculty, and administration of Wells Junior High School and I am forever grateful to Wells High School's administrators for assisting with the communication between the two buildings.


Please take note of this show's sponsors found on the previous pages of this program.  Without their generosity, it would have been an even greater challenge to stage the production you'll see tonight.  I must admit that Godspell is my favorite show and I can't wait to see how this group's incredible efforts lead to your enjoyment.  On behalf of the entire group of people, both on stage and behind the scenes, thank you so much for supporting the arts at Wells High School and I hope you enjoy the show!







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