Between Panic and Desire - August 12 - August 29, 2021

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 Who's Who 

  • Jahlil T Hall (Mark): head shot

    Jahlil T Hall (Mark):

    Made his acting debut in Aramingo Avenue. Lead in a feature film set to release in 2022 called Mean Man. Attended the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Began acting in middle school and has never looked back. "I always loved to entertain people and make them laugh but, more than that, I wasn't always happy with my circumstances and acting was an outlet to not have to be myself for a little while." During his two-year career in acting Jahlil has worked with Dylan Penn, Hopper Penn, Roseanna Arquette, Wos Stevens, and Cree Kawa to name a few. Between Panic and Desire is Jahlil's first stage play since high school; he is very excited to return to his roots! Jahlil credit's much of his success to the unfailing support of his loving girlfriend Adwoa Duncan-Williams. "Without her I'd watch my whole life pass me bye."

  • Reina Rouzaud (Esperanza): head shot

    Reina Rouzaud (Esperanza):

    Reina is a New York based actor and artist, graduating with her BFA from Marymount Manhattan College. Reina has acted in various shows in the New York area, along with creating and starring on her original web series: REINA. She’s most recently been in a short film titled “Buffalo & Wolfy” which premiered at the LGBTQ Unbordered International Film Festival. Reina is so excited to be back with this cast and crew for Panic and Desire!

  • Megan Grace Martinez (Caridad): head shot

    Megan Grace Martinez (Caridad):

    is so grateful to return to the theatre with Between Panic & Desire. Megan is an actor, teacher, director, producer, improvisor, singer, and aspiring tap dancer, but it’s really all about the acting. On NYC stages, Megan has performed with T. Schreiber Theatre, Nylon Fusion, Columbia University Theatre, Randomly Specific Theatre, and Manhattan Children’s Theatre. Recent NYC films include Popcorn Tree, Punch Line, Conversations with Sheryl, and 27 Dimensions. Megan’s other loves include board games, brunch, Broadway musicals, billiards, the beach, and the killer combo of Tetris and Peloton. Love to Gregg Pica, T. Schreiber Studio, & the Martinez 5.

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