The Prom - July 14 - July 22, 2023

mad Theatre of Tampa


Crew Members  
Director & Choreographer  
Jessica Berger Vitalo  
Music Director  
Deborah D. Lynch  
Stage Manager  
Nicole Petta  
Costume Designer  
Lindsay Ellis  
Assistant Stage Manager  
Eve Harrison  
Assistant Choreographer  
Evan Lomba  
Dance Captain  
Kaleigh Valach  
Scenic Designer  
Kit Hastings  
Co-Prop Mistresses  
Brandy Gold, Karen Pertiz  
USF Production Manager/ Lighting Designer  
Anthony Vito  
USF Fly Chief  
Mike Klein  
Assistant Flies  
Atticus Failes  
USF Sound  
Barry Guiot  
Stage Crew  
Laurie Allen, Ryan Farnworth
USF Electrician  
Maria Gironda  
Sound Assistant  
Jessica Berger Vitalo  
Scenic Build Crew  
Susan Black, Nia Ruth Evens, Grayson Loney, Neil Bleiweiss, Jennette Cronk, Alex Pasut, and Ryan Black
USF House Manager  
Molly McGilvray  
Box Office Coordinators  
Miranda Harrison-Quillin, Blythe Sobel, Tony Gilkinson, Emma Sobel, Madison DeBrino
Kirby Volz, Brandy Gold
Marketing & Promotions Committee  
Chair-Tony Gilkinson
Richard Brown, Madison DeBrino, Evan Lomba, Bernard McNicol
Graphic Designer  
Tony Gilkinson  
Alyssa Yates  


MAD Theatre of Tampa Board of Directors


Artistic Director & Board President, Anthony Gilkinson

Board Secretary, Nicole Petta

Board Treasurer, Donald B. Holt, Jr.

Members At Large

Richard Brown | Chris Cordero | Miranda Harrison-Quillin

Alex Pasut | Blythe Sobel | Jessica Berger Vitalo

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