13: The Musical - October 19 - October 28, 2018

1st Street Players


13/Becoming A Man  
Evan, Company
The Lamest Place In The World  
Hey Kendra  
Brett, Malcom, Eddie, Lucy, Kendra
Get Me What I Need  
Archie, Company
Lucy, Cheerleaders
What It Means To Be A Friend  
All Hail The Brain/Terminal Illness  
Evan, Archie, Company
Getting Ready  
Any Minute  
Evan, Archie, Company
Good Enough  
Being a Geek  
Evan, Company
Bad Bad News  
Eddie, Malcom, Simon, Richie
Tell Her  
Evan, Patrice
It Can't Be True  
Lucy, Molly, Cassie, Charlotte, Company
If That's What It Is  
Archie, Patrice, Evan
A Little More Homework  
Evan, Company
Brand New You  
Cassie, Charlotte, Molly, Company


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