13: The Musical - October 19 - October 28, 2018

1st Street Players


Sofia - Break a leg DoodleBug! Love you - Chuch and Uncle Bob
Best Wishes Sofia - We love you! - Aunt Nancy and Uncle John
Sofia - Break a leg Sissy! Love Izzy and Gracie
Katie - Your smile lights up the stage and our lives! Love, Mama and Daddy
Break a leg, Katie! Love, Grandma
Katie - Break a leg, in fact, break 2! Love, Jesse
Katie - All Hail the Math Unicorn!
Katie - Best wishes from the Monsours
Katie - You go girl! Love you, and proud of you! DeeDee and Hannah
Scott - We are so very proud of you. Look what happens when you take a chance! Love your mom and dad
Scott - Break a leg! We are proud of you - Uncle Stan, Aunt Adele and Alex
Love you Scotty. Miss you. No, you cannot move into my room. You College bound Brother.
Scott - Love ya Bro, Love Justin
Scott - To my favorite Cat in the Hat! Good luck! Love you Em-cat
Love ya Scotty! The Knerr Clan
Best Wishes Sharon, Love Pop & Grandma!
Great job Sharon, Love Connor!
Sharon - You are the best, great job, Love Logan!
Sharon - You are an amazing actress, Love Galen!
Way to go Sharon! Love, The Millers
I'm so proud of you Sharon, Love Mom Mom
Great Job Sharon! Love, Chrissy, AJ & Charlie
Sharon - Always Our Shining Star! Love Mom & Dad
Sharon - Awesome Job! Love, The Mussers
Break a leg Madelyn. We Love You! Mom & Dad
Madelyn, You make us proud that you're our sister. - Luke & Kenzie
Madelyn - Shine on Flibberty! - Kate & Pappy
Madelyn - Love watching you perform! Love you! - Dee Dee, Adam & Kendall
To Katie & Andrew, Break a leg! - Madelyn
Congrats to Megan and the Cast of 13! Love Mom, Dad & Jake
Payton - Keep acting...Keep singing...Keep shining! Love Nina & Pop Pop
Your talent amazes me every day Payton! Love, Mom
Can't wait to cheer on my favorite cheerleader, Payton! Love, Callan
Payton you will always be our shining star! Cheers to you! Love, Scott & Peggy
Riley - Dad, Mimi and Poppy love you and are very proud of you.
Riley - Keep on doing what you love to do! Love, Mom, Steve and Aiden
Riley - Break a leg kiddo! We love you! Gamma and Pop-Pop

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