Side Piece, Untold Stories - May 19 -

55 Productions


I would like to thank:


Cooper James for seeing my vision and signing on to bring it to the stage.  


Greg Osby for inspiring me and encouraging me to follow my dreams


Debra “the Gooch” Vaughn for continued support


Patricia Forman my favorite daughter for her contributions, encouragement and support.


Noodle aka Cire Forman & The Boy aka Jojo  


Gina Hutchinson my bestie for life and her amazing family for allowing me to infiltrate!


Dyana Williams (I want to be her when I grow up!)


Monique Manners for her continued support


Darrell Miller, a good friend and best attorney in the business  


Tony Shepherd for his amazing photo


Zara Green and Antonia Green for all of their extra efforts to help make these shows successful


My amazing cast that exceeded my expectations in May.  I am sure they will again!


The Clef Club for giving my production a home.  Look for Volume II Spring 2019!


The rest of my friends and family.


Please visit our website for information and updates. You can also find us on facebook or instagram.  Side Piece Untold Stories.

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