Side Piece, Untold Stories - May 19 -

55 Productions



Side Piece Untold Stories is a stage presentation of selected monologues adapted from a collection of short stories entitled “Side Piece Untold Stories, Volume 1.”


Part one of this four-part series explores the topic of infidelity from the perspective of the one we love to hate, “that other woman.


The characters represent a cross section of women, some of whom were in long-term relationships with married or committed men. Some fully aware, while others found themselves trapped in a web of lies.


The purpose of this production and underlying material is not to promote or glamourize being a side piece, but to encourage open and honest dialogue about the current state of many relationships.


The rules of monogamy are simple and universal.  You are supposed to stay sexually, physically and emotionally faithful to one person.  As these stories demonstrate, the rules are often broken.


Side Piece.  “You know one.  You had one.  Or you’ve been one!”






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