Mean Girls Jr. - June 29

AAMA Theatre

 Note From the Director 

The show you’re about to see is the combined effort of many fantastic creative team members and a bunch on amazing kids who spent one of their first weeks of summer memorizing, practicing, blocking, and learning choreography. Every member of this cast and crew has put in countless hours this week and created a fully-teched musical with stunning vocals, hilarious acting, and excellent choreography. They spent hours (outdoors!) rehearsing scenes and created this impressive work in front of you. In a combined total of 45 hours, only 8 of which was even in their performance space, they created an excellent show AND they did it with two casts.


I’ll admit, I worried about having dual casting. I was nervous it might unintentionally create a competitive atmosphere. I was so wrong. It created a beautiful sense of camaraderie among the casts as they worked to navigate swapping spots and covering two tracks. They’ve often been each other’s biggest cheerleaders as they work diligently to master everything thrown at them.


My goal with directing mean girls was simple: change the narrative. If we don’t like the way the world is, we have a responsibility to change it. I sincerely hope that every student walks away from this production more secure in themselves and ready to take on the world. Many of the performers are in their first lead roles, many others are in their first production ever; I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of them and I hope they continue to grace the stage long after our production closes.


In a world often filled with darkness, you have stars on stage in front of you. Bask in it.


Enjoy the show,


Mrs. Megan Sinclair

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