Mean Girls Jr. - June 29

AAMA Theatre

 Who's Who 

  • Drew Harrigan head shot

    Drew Harrigan

    Drew is very excited to be a part of Ann Arbor Music Academy’s production of Mean Girls Jr. He is going into his sophomore year at Saline High School, and is actively involved in their drama department. He has previously been in productions such as The Little Mermaid (Sebastian), Shrek the Musical (Lord Farquad), and The Lion King (Scar). When not in school, Drew enjoys hanging out with his friends and drawing. He wants to thank his parents for funding his theatre endeavors and always supporting him, on and off the stage. He hopes you enjoy the show!

  • Melinda Carlisle head shot

    Melinda Carlisle

    Melinda is a recent graduate of Canton HS, and is thrilled to be making her return to the stage. She enjoys performing classical music and playing piano. Melinda would like to thank her parents, significant other, sister, and everyone at Ann Arbor Music Academy , for always encouraging her to work hard and never back down on her dreams. She looks forward to studying Music at the University of Michigan this fall!

  • Brianna Cousino head shot

    Brianna Cousino

    Brianna is super excited to be in her first non-school related production and perform in a real theater. She hasp previously been in High School Musical (Martha), Footloose (Understudy Rusty), and Into the Woods (Florinda). When she’s not at rehearsal, she is probably listening to the Mean Girls soundtrack on repeat.

  • Mia Kuzala head shot

    Mia Kuzala

    Mia Kuzala is thrilled to be a part of Ann Arbor Music Academy's Mean Girls Jr. Previously, she has been in Into The Woods (Witch), Footloose (Urleen), High School Musical (Gabriella Understudy), and several other productions. When not on stage, you can find Mia singing or playing piano. In the beginning of August, she will be on stage in New York performing with Broadway For All. Mia would like to thank her friends and family for being so supportive of her singing journey!

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