In-Laws, Outlaws, and Other People - November 08 - November 10, 2019

ADM High School


This production came together only with the support of many people throughout the ADM Community. The cast, crew, and directors would like to offer a special thanks to the following individuals who have donated materials, time, and energy to the show:


ALL our parents

Members of the ADM Fine Arts Boosters

ADM Custodial Staff

Mary Howard

Jennifer Poe

Karin Hughes

Ron Hauser

Natalie Jennison

Becca Cassel

Russ Braun

Rebecca Smith and Family

Marc McCartney

Jessica Embree and Family

Sarah Miller and Family

Tori Tracey

Scott and Kristy Hall

Matt Lohmann

Lee Griebel

Laurie Mullen and Faith Lutheran Church

Valerie Sutton @ Adel Florist

Merrill Wadle and Laurie Tigges @ Big Blue Bed and Breakfast


Thank you to these real stars and supporters of the arts! We applaud you!

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