Grease: School Version - March 01 - March 09, 2019

Abingdon High School (Abingdon, VA)

 End Notes 

Notes From The Director


It’s been a few years since I graduated from high school. I won’t say how many, mostly because I don’t want to admit that truth to myself. Looking back on that time in my life I know that the way it was isn’t quite the way I remember it. It was a time of laughter, heartache, and a fair amount of uncertainty. Mostly, though, it was a time for trying to figure out myself and the world around me.


A song you will hear tonight is “We Go Together.” That goes a long way toward summing up Grease. Before there were 200 channels on TV, instant access to the world through the web, computers, Facebook, or even cell phones, what we had was each other. We got together, face-to-face and together we helped each other navigate the choppy waters of our teen years while having as much fun as possible without hurting anyone or having to explain what happened to the family car.

Working with the kids, parents and staff of Abingdon High is an honor. They have put in many hours to make what you see appear as if no work went into it at all. I am grateful for their talent, their personalities and for each of them. Now we invite you to sit back, tap your toes and join them in the world of high school in the late 50’s, where much was different, but every moment seems oddly familiar.


- Glenn Patterson



Notes From The Producer


It is my sincere privilege to have worked with such committed and hard-working students for the 2019 production of Grease at Abingdon High School.


Theatre gives students the opportunity to express themselves and avenues of humanity in character choices and stimulates creativity.  With the pressure of original ideas in whatever career path they take after high school, imagination is most definitely pushed and is excellent preparation for this part of their future.  Through small successes, genuine confidence is built in learning limits as well as discovering potential.


Whether a student is part of cast or crew, these memories will last for a lifetime because teamwork is established, give and take is present, and an environment of thinking is in constant orbit.  Thank you for your presence at this performance and supporting the arts at Abingdon.


- Alissa King

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