Grease: School Version - March 01 - March 09, 2019

Abingdon High School (Abingdon, VA)

 Who's Who 

  • Phillip Bolick head shot

    Phillip Bolick

    as Kenickie

    Phillip Bolick is a sophomore at Abingdon High School. Kenickie is his first role in a theatrical performance. He plays Piano, Saxophone, French Horn and Mellophone. Along with his passion for the Arts he spends most his free time biking. This past summer he spent 61 days cycling 4,000 miles from Seattle to D.C. Phillip is very excited for his first experience on stage and would like to thank his family, friends, and dog for making it possible.

  • Abby Brown head shot

    Abby Brown

    Abby Brown is thrilled to be performing in Grease. She has only been in one other show including Grease but has always had a love for acting and music and can’t wait to be in many more shows. Abby Brown would also like to thank all of the wonderful people who made this show possible.

  • John Bush head shot

    John Bush

    as Eugene

    John is a sophomore at Abingdon High School.  Last year, he worked on the set for The Addams Family.  This is his first time performing in an AHS musical. He is a bass vocalist in the AHS Jazz Choir.  In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with friends, listening to music, playing video games, eating, and sleeping.

  • Zane Cardinale head shot

    Zane Cardinale

    as Vince Fontaine

    Zane Cardinale is in two bands out of school, The Shouts and Basement Days. In Zane's free time he loves to play music and hang out with friends.

  • Natalie Carter head shot

    Natalie Carter

    Natalie Carter is excited to be a part of Grease this year! She is a freshman and she enjoys singing, playing French horn, reading, and writing. She has gone to All State choir and has performed the title role in Willy Wonka Junior at E. B. Stanley. She wants to thank her parents, Glenn, Ms. King, CK and RS. Enjoy the show!

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