The Prom - May 25 - May 27, 2023

Arroyo Grande High

 Director's Note 

It’s rare to find a Musical that has so much charm, comedy and humility. That is what The Prom is.  I remember first seeing a glimpse of it on television during the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in 2018. And it was just so fun and energetic to watch and I was like what’s this show? Of course, I went to social media looking up everything I could about The Prom which was nominated for four Tony Awards. I loved it, and it’s breathtaking to have a musical like this with queer representation, that isn’t what we normally see on Broadway where it’s dealing with hard issues like the AIDS epidemic, queer bashing, and homophobia hate speech. Now don’t get me wrong. There are some heartbreaking moments in this show, but it’s written so beautifully and honest that you feel joy and sadness, and love and fear, and through it all we are all looking to be accepted. Theatre presents as a mirror to life, and I believe that The Prom lets people see themselves and say I am here.


After all, there really are LGBTQ+ teens being banned from their school proms in parts of our country. Recently a trans student who was told by their own Superintendent that she couldn’t wear a dress to her own prom or use her pronouns. These issues encapsulate the very real, very lived experiences of LGBTQ+ teen isolation, bullying, prejudice, discrimination, and coming out and acceptance. 


I want to thank you, the audience, for supporting our theatre company, buying a ticket, coming to see the show, that lets us know you accept us. 


I am so very proud of every student that has poured so much of themselves into the show. To my brilliant, creative team, Sean, Mark, Camryn, Paul, & Rick, bringing my vision to life, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Musical theater is one of the largest collaborations, it’s truly marvelous when it all comes together from costumes, sets, props, these fabulous performers, our live student orchestra, the student technicians, and our four student stage managers. 


Sit back and enjoy, The Prom. Much Love!


Lester Jenkins Wilson

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