The Prom - May 25 - May 27, 2023

Arroyo Grande High


AGHS Theatre

would like to thank the following for their generous support



Jennifer Arave Cindy Hahn Hugh Payne
Stephanie Barclay Katherine Hartman Michelle Payne
David Bartle Tammy Hay Rick Pierce
Lisa Bartle Shannon & Joe Hurtado Danny Pierce
Jeremy Bates Ermila Jolley Jay Raftery 
Shannon Bates Dave Linfield Nicole Raftery
Jamie Beck Sigrid Long April Rock


Linda Belch Caity McCardell Nancy Schilder
Adrian Bevan Michelle McDonald Megan Shelby
Krista Chaney Cadence Mitchell Shelby & James Solis
Jenna Draine Steve Murray Teresa Taylor
Jaime Douglas Dan Neff Renee Van Neil
Carrie Gallagher Babek Naficy Wayne Vogler
Katy Gray Michelle Naficy Jenny West





The Gala Pride & Diversity Center

The Great American Melodrama


Lucia Mar Unified School District

Miner's Hadware

NHS Theatre Company

SLO Reperatory Theatre






















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