Tartuffe - November 18 - November 20, 2022

Arts Academy of New Hampshire Drama Club

 Crew Who's Who 

  • F. Grimont-Ferrin head shot

    F. Grimont-Ferrin

    Flora is very excited to work on Tartuffe. They are a senior and mainly do visual art. They've designed the posters for the last three performances. They joined crew for our spring musical last year and are stage-managing this year's play!  

  • P. Gilbert head shot

    P. Gilbert

    Scenic Designer

    This is Piper’s first time doing theater, and they absolutely loved being scenic designer. Piper has been doing visual arts their whole life, and it helped a lot with creating the painting of Tartuffe. They really enjoyed working with the cast, crew, and director for this show, and they can’t wait for our next show!

  • M. Hewett head shot

    M. Hewett

    Props Master

    They're a member of tech crew and this is they're second year working with the schools drama club and they're super exited for the show and the next 2 years

  • A. Ferguson head shot

    A. Ferguson


  • J. Geyer head shot

    J. Geyer


    This is Jaspers first production at Arts Academy of NH. Jasper has been a stage manager at West Running Brook, for the show ‘Matilda Jr.’ but this is a much different experience. Jasper is very excited for this play and the future shows to come.

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