Tartuffe - November 18 - November 20, 2022

Arts Academy of New Hampshire Drama Club

 Who's Who 

  • A. Carter head shot

    A. Carter

    as Madame Pernelle

    Ali is excited to perform in their second show at the Arts Academy as Madame Pernelle! Last year, they starred as the demon Mephistopheles in The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus, and they have previously performed in productions of Pippin and Alice in Wonderland. They’ve put a lot of work into this show and hope they do the character of Orgon’s mother justice.

  • A. Crawford head shot

    A. Crawford

    as Orgon

    Aidan is a Junior and considers it a privilege to be apart of the Drama club at the Arts Academy of New Hampshire. This is their second play at the school. 

    So far, Aidan has been 7 shows throughout their career, developing skills as an actor and appreciation of the art form itself. Thanks for coming and they hope you enjoy the show!

  • D. Stevens head shot

    D. Stevens

    as Elmire

    Delaney is so excited about Tartuffe. They are very proud of the cast, crew, and everything Tartuffe has come to be. They have been in every production at The Arts Academy of New Hampshire since their freshman year. However, They have been acting since middle school. Delaney has been working very hard on this show, thanks you for coming, and hopes you enjoy Tartuffe.

  • S. Connors head shot

    S. Connors

    as Damis

    They have been in drama since sixth grade. After a long hiatus from acting they decided to rejoin theatre. They really enjoyed the physical comedy aspect of this play. They really loved the creation of this show and hope you enjoyed it too.

  • R. Johnson head shot

    R. Johnson

    as Mariane

    Rosie is very proud of themselves for this production. This is one of the biggest roles they have ever been in! They are extremely excited to present Tartuffe to family, friends, and everyone with a love for theater!

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