Little Shop of Horrors - November 08 - November 10, 2018

Atlanta International School

 The 1984 Club 

Atlanta International School is pleased to recognize the generous investment of our devoted 2018-2019 1984 Club members listed below. Named for the year the school was founded, The 1984 Club is AIS’s Leadership Giving Society, constituted of gifts $1,984 and above to The Eagles Fund. Year after year, this group of supporters contributes the largest portion of The Eagles Fund and their giving is instrumental to AIS’ success. Each level of The 1984 Club receives benefits and recognition. There is still time to join this special group. Learn more at


Founders’ Council




Ambassadors’ Society

Dr. Peter Z. Guan and Ms. Vivian Wong

Dr. Nicholas Hume and The Reverend Dr. Janice Hume

Ms. Deborah A. Sudbury and Dr. Heinz-Bernd Schüttler

Mr. and Mrs. John O. Winchester


Consuls’ Circle

Mr. and Mrs. David M. Atkinson

Mr. and Mrs. Scott P. Britton

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown III

Mr. Ron Carmichael and Mrs. Shelley Giberson

Ms. Beth Kytle Chandler ’98 and Mr. Zeb Chandler

Dr. and Mrs. William H. Cleveland II
Mr. and Mrs. Milo S. Cogan

Mrs. Heidi Deringer and Mrs. Paul Fogelsong

Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Faa

Mr. Brad Ferguson

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gambardella

Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Glass

Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Hayler

Mr. and Mrs. Gerry G. Hull

Mr. and Mrs. Martin King III

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas MacQuillan

Mr. Dean Morris and Ms. Susan Walters Morris

Mr. and Mrs. John Murnane

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Parker

Mr. Roy Play and Mrs. Olga Gomez Plaut

Mr. and Mrs. J. Thomas Ratchford, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Thomas III
Mr. and Mrs. Benny Varzi

Mr. Brent Yamaato and Mrs. Joyce Yamaato


Shutze Guild

Mr. Tobias P. Behrenwaldt and Mrs. Cheryl Yul-Behrenwaldt                                  

Dr. John-Paul Clarke and Mrs. Michelle Wilson-Clarke                                                    

Mr. and Mrs. Darrin L. Collins                                                                           

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Crawford                                                  

Dr. Jennifer Culley and Dr. Sagar Lonial                                                                      

Mr. Andrew Daniels and Mrs. Pei Sun                                                                      

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Goguillon

Mr. Bharat Gupta and Ms. Tiyash Bandyopadhyay

Mr. Robert Habl and Dr. Ada Gavrolovska Habl

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hawkins

Dr. and Mrs. John Jarboe

Mr. and Mrs. Harlyn Jerrold

Mr. and Mrs. Derrick Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Chandler McCormack

Mr. and Ms. Neil Morrell

Mr. and Mrs. Cory Moss

Dr. Babatunde I. Onasanya

Ms. Catherine Reimer

Dr. and Mrs. Gamwell A. Rogers

Mr. David Street and Mrs. Ekaterina Galperina

Mr. and Mrs. Nils Swann

Mr. and Mrs. Klaus Zellmer

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