Little Shop of Horrors - November 08 - November 10, 2018

Atlanta International School

  Directors Notes  

Little Shop of Horrors started as a 1960 Roger Corman film that inspired an Off-Off-Broadway production in 1982 before moving to the Orpheum Theatre Off Broadway for a five-year run. It has numerous productions in the U.S and abroad, in large regional theatres and school settings, as well as a subsequent Broadway production. So why produce a musical that has been done so often?


Little Shop of Horrors was chosen for the students who make up the cast and crew of this production. For me, this production was only possible through the collaboration a lot of talented and dedicated people. I have been lucky to work with a cast and creative team in which each member is exceptionally creative and passionate about his or her individual position.


When expanded to larger theatres, as has been the case for many prior productions, the intimacy of this musical can be lost; therefore, the size and closeness of our theatre played a part in choosing Little Shop of Horrors too. The theatre space dictated a specific sort of interaction between the actors, the audience, the music and the play itself. In essence, this theatre gave us the opportunity to discover the heart of the piece. As the performers skillfully plunged into the script and score, they were able to explore their characters’ connections to one another and find the emotions of individual moments. Likewise, their talent for bringing authenticity to songs, interactions and choreography helped focus and conceptualize the story.


And what a creepy comedic story it is! As evil sneaks into the life of protagonist Seymour by way of a strange and interesting new plant, he grows increasingly corrupt. The story warns that bad things will happen if we don't get rid of the menacing weeds that damage our lives. With memorable Alan Menken and Howard Ashman music and satirical comments about our news-hungry world that still have relevance today, LSOH is a morality play. Everybody better beware!


LSOH is also a puppet show, a Greek Tragedy, a Roman Comedy, a science fiction, and an early1960s Motown musical. This show has it all, and we hope you'll enjoy our production of Little Shop of Horrors.


Rob Warren

Director of the Arts

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