Silent Sky - August 17 - August 26, 2018

Auburn Area Community Theatre Inc.

 End Notes 

As a child, I would climb up the ladder to get on our roof to watch the stars, always hoping that there was something bigger than our world out there -and there is.  Just knowing that some stars had stopped shining -yet their light still got here- was amazing to me.  It still is.  When you are surprised by seeing a shooting star, you take a moment to appreciate the display. And then you realize it’s all still up there! That is one of the most gratifying feelings I know. 



 When I was asked to direct "Silent Sky", I was a little disappointed because I wanted to be an actor in the play rather than be behind the scenes.  I have been behind the scenes in numerous plays for many years.  But this one?  I wanted to be in it!  I have since changed my mind.


                Because I’m a “science-y” kind of gal, (a Horticulturist/Biologist,) and a theater lover (a theatre graduate from the Alabama School of Fine Arts,) this is a win-win for me.  Reading the play, going through the scenes and taking it in as a director, I really began to see what we could do with this production.  I had not known anything about these people, these fantastic women, who made enormous contributions to a science that I am a fan of, and it made me ashamed of myself.  We all began to research this subject and we have had many conversations about them and the work they did. We are bringing their stories to the theater, and helping many others get to know them. I take heart in this. Some themes are so relevant today, that being “historical” isn’t an issue. The story is too good not to help tell it!  It has been an incredible honor.


                Silent Sky was written by one of the most prolific and most-produced playwrights in recent years. Lauren Gunderson also loves the subject!  The play is funny and witty – pay attention or you might miss the jokes!  We’ve tried to be accurate with the design aspects, but please forgive us if some of the stars aren’t exactly where they are supposed to be.  I hope you enjoy our performances as much as we enjoy bringing them to you.


Lori McCormack


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