Silent Sky - August 17 - August 26, 2018

Auburn Area Community Theatre Inc.


Cast Members  
Henrietta Leavitt  
Tricia Oliver  
Margaret Leavitt  
Ashley Hansana  
Peter Shaw  
Thomas Maple  
Willamina Fleming  
Emily Stephens  
Annie Cannon  
Andrea Holliday  
Production / Creative  
Lori McCormack  
Stage Manager  
Ace Lowenstein  
Projections Operator  
Tina Cepeda  
Light Board Operator  
Bailey Glaze  
Sound Tech  
Rebecca Gonzales  
Costume Design and Construction  
Steve Bice  
Lighting and Set Design  
Lori McCormack  
Special Effects designed by  
Andrea Holliday
Terry Kelley
Recording Artist  
Sarah Cater  
Recording Technician  
Chris Alonzo  
Soundtrack Recording  
Rich Perkins  
Poster Design  
Tricia Oliver  
Julie Wells,
Cindy Davino,
Terry Kelley
Lighting Work Crew  
Tina Cepeda
Rebecca Gonzales
Build Crew  
Lori McCormack, Tim McCormack, TJ McCormack,
Cora Connelly, Thomas Maple, Garrett Bell,
Carter DeShazo, Steve Bice, Jay Amling,
Cindy Davino, Ace Lowenstein, Ashleigh Oliver,
Matt Oliver, Bailey Glaze, Jacob Van Horn,
Carter DeShazo, Malcolm Webster, Karen Herring,
Susan DiJulio, Rich Perkins, Emily McCormack

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