Disney's Beauty and the Beast - June 07 - June 08, 2024

Backstage Theater

 End Notes 

Hello and welcome to our spring production of Beauty and The Beast. We are currently in our 4th season as a non-profit theater company. Backstage Theater Company was founded January 1st, 2020 only to nearly close for good from the unexpected global pandemic of 2020. It was faith and prayer that kept Backstage Theater Company going. We are a company dedicated to acknowledging our faith in Jesus Christ and building young actors from beginner to expert to perform onstage. Our company recently returned from Junior Theater festival 2024 with a 1st place trophy for Excellence in Acting againt 100 other companies from around the globe! Backstage Theater Company is currently in preparation to head to Atlanta, Georgia for Junior Theater Festival 2025 to once again compete against companies from around the globe. 


Tonight's production features many stunts and months of training for the performance. We are grateful to once again perform in Bartow and to be part of your community. We want to bring the arts back to Bartow and we need your support! Backstage Theater Company calls Bartow home and we will continue to do so. Tonight's production features beginner to veteran actors combining months of hardwork for this very moment. As always we thank you for being here with us and enjoy the show!


Special thank you to all our cast, supporters, family, friends, and parents for all your help throughout the process. I would like to thank Wendy's Dance Company, the Bartow Civic Center, Main Street Bartow, and our Artistic Director, Choreographer, Stage Combat Director, and my Vice President, Lauren Holland. Also a special thank you to our awesome Stage Manager Billie Freitas, Sets/Props Dustin Freitas, Sound engineer (my dad) Ray Holland, Denise Bata and her team at Home Depot, City Commissioner Trish Pffeifer, and House Manager (my mom) Donna Holland for all the countless hours of bringing all this together.




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