Disney's Beauty and the Beast - June 07 - June 08, 2024

Backstage Theater

 Who's Who 

  • Brandon Sharpe

    as Beast/Prince

    Brandon is a veteran, fun, and energetic actor who has performed in Wizard of Oz, Change, Change 2, Bet on Job, She Dances When No Ones Looking, Jingle Jam 1, 2 and 3, Patriot XP and Angel Fire. Brandon is a mentor to the cast and has worked hard to bring life into his character on stage. He would like everyone to know one fun fact, "I can do this all day." -Steve Rogers

  • Laryn Christian

    as Belle

    Laryn is a veteran dancer who has performed at Wendys' Dance company for 12 years and been with the competition team for 6 years. Beauty and The Beast is her musical theater debut show! Laryn enjoys reading, performing in chorus and dancing. This is her first acting performance. She wants to pursue performing arts in college.

  • Meagan Williams

    as Belle (U/S)

    Meagan graduated with her BA in Music from McNally Smith College of Music. She has performed in shows such as Christmas Hangups as Hula Girl, Monster High School Musical as Genny, Annie as Lilly, Hello Dolly as Emengarde, Hairspray as Traci, Marry Poppins as the Assistant Director, Doll and, Ensemble, Barnum as Featured Dancer and Ensemble, Rocky Horror Picture Show as Lips, Musical Theater Ensemble and Chamber Choir at UMASS Dartmouth and has appeared in Disney Fairytale Weddings with her family. Her hobbies include to sepnd time with her husband and baby boy David. She loves to read, ride bikes, and play with her two dogs. Her favorite role she had ever played is being a mom to her baby boy.

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